Consultant Kit


Who could use some extra cash?

Come and join my team. You will get 30% commission.

Be your own boss, make your own hours.



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This kit doesn’t include partyballs.

Level 2 kit

This kit includes

20 oysters

1 mini monster


Measuring tool

Baggies and



You must be 18 years or older and live in the U.S.

You can have live videos on facebook, at home parties or vendor events.


Come and join my team. You will get 25 % commission.

If you have a downline you will also get 4 % commission from their sells.

You will recieve your kit within 3 days to a week of placing order.

I do have to pay different  fees for my website, also when someone pays via, pay pal or credit card theres a fee associated to that as well. With that being said there will be a $10.00 website fee monthly. (This may go away or may not even be)

You will not have to pay for oysters that you sell for example your kit will come with 20. If you sell 20 you get 20 back all you have to pay for is shipping.

If you want to order more oysters or Monster Oysters you will have to pay but you will get an employee discount of 30%

You will also have to pay for the shipping to send the pearls or party ball products back to me.

I recommend very good wifi and or unlimited data.

You need a tripod to hold your phone while you go live. Also sand or salt to show off the beautiful pearls.

You can have in home parties,vendor events, online parties. Whatever you want to do.

A little bit about our oysters. They’re freshwater Akoya oysters. The pearls are AAA grade pearls. They come from a cultured farm in China.

The monster oysters are natural pearls, The Akoya oysters pearls are dyed.

Also you will want to get tiny bags to put the pearls in.

You will have to send me your pearls, I then send the pearls to your customers and jewelry if they order jewlery. You will be responsible to pay for the shipping to send your pearls back. Once I grow my business I will send you prepaid lables to send the pearls back to me.

I will email you cards to keep track of your customers orders and size and colors of their pearls.

Please bare with me I am just starting to branch out and grow my business.

Also for those that are consultants I will make a group for the consultants and we will have training videos, open discussions, if anyone has questions they can ask within that group. I will also give you guys tips.

I look forward to working with you in this amazing journey.

Weight 46.2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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