Need Extra Cash?

You can’t go wrong by becoming a consultant. When you purchase your consulting kit it comes with everything you need to get shucking. We offer very competitive compensation. Also, if someone signs up under you, you will get 4 % commission off of their sales as well

The commission is 25% of what you sell. That doesn’t include if you have a downline (consultants that signup under you.) You will get 30% off of our products for the employee discount.

Are you wondering what’s in the consultant kit yet?

We have several different kits to choose from.

How it Works

When you sign up for a consultant kit online you will get your own unique website link. That’s the link you will put on your “Shop Now” button on Facebook and you will have friends and family go to your link so you get the commission for those sales.

When you sign up you, will be added to a private consultant group to stay connected and have trainings. I will go live in that group to do trainings, etc. When you signup, you will put in your PayPal information in our secure system, and that’s how you will get paid your commission every Friday.

You don’t ever have to pay for oysters or party balls you sell. For example, your kit comes with twenty oysters, and if you sell all twenty of those, you will receive twenty back.

The only time you would have to pay for oysters with your 30% employee discount is if you give some away, scratch them and have to open a new one for the customer, or simply because you want to keep one for yourself. You will get starter baggies in your kit. Those are baggies with which you will mark the customer’s name on and record their order. You can then email me what you’re sending back, including customers name, pearl size and color. If they purchased jewelry, you would put that in the email as well. If you hand deliver customers pearls or party ball jewelry, you will email me that you hand delivered and what you delivered to whom. You will get the shipping information and my email when you sign up.

You’re required to send the customer’s order back to me within three business days. You will have to pay for shipping to send back to me. I will, however, eventually send a prepaid label when you order more products. It’s vital you send orders back to me as soon as possible because I will be shipping the customers orders to them. There may be monthly fee of $10.00 for the website. That fee includes website access and training.  

You can host parties at home, on Facebook, or vendor events. That’s completely up to you, and at your own risk. Please just be careful and know your surroundings. I do value our customers to the fullest and want nothing more but for each and everyone one of them to have an amazing experience with our company.

If I end up with too many consultants, I will put a freeze on hiring because I want to continue to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied.

I’m completely honored and humbled to be able to have you on my team and look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Happy Shucking!