About Us

Our company was established in July 2017. Ever since I saw pearl videos on Facebook, I was immediately hooked. I would watch these videos for hours. Who doesn’t love pearls and jewelry? I needed to make extra cash and shucking was the perfect way to achieve that goal. What we do is simple and fun. We have parties live on Facebook, or however you choose. We sell adorable jewelry and oysters that have beautiful pearls in them. The thing that separates our company from the rest is we have monster oysters that have 15 to 30 pearls in them. I take pride in my business and my goal is to keep each and everyone one of my customers completely satisfied with their purchase, and ship their product in a timely manner. Pease keep in mind now that I have branched out and began hiring consultants. It will take more than 2 days to get your order, but my promise to you is that my priority is to get your order shipped as soon as possible.  I want everyone to have an amazing experience each and every time they join our pearl parties. The fun thing about what I do is that pearls and jewelry never get old.

About Our Pearls

Yes, these are real pearls! The single oysters come from China, and the pearls are AAA pearls. The oyster is an Akoya Oyster, and the pearls are dyed. If anyone tells you their pearls are natural, they are full of it! There are only a few natural colors of pearls that exist. The Monster Oysters also come from China. The pearls are natural and are not dyed. Each monster contains 15 to 30 pearls.